Possible “Leaked” PS3 Gamercard?

Thanks to a PlayStationLifeStyle.net reader for tipping us off to this…

From PS3fanboy

Another tipster, calling himself “Gassy Snake,” claims that he is a game developer who can vouch for The Patriots. He claims that the above image is real and, to prove it, proceeded to send us a picture of one of the other pages. These pages are called “gamer card” and “compare.” As you can see below, your gamer card will feature a trophy total and a “level.” How you progress up these levels is anyone’s guess, but there also seems to be some room for extra information of some kind.

Gassy Snake also tells us that each trophy type will be worth a different number of points, so there are limits to how many of each trophy are in a single game. In order to progress through levels you will need to gain a certain number of trophy points. This number will increase with each level, making it more difficult to reach higher levels.

Also, with regards to in-game XMB, we’ve been told that “you can do most things” in-game, including comparing trophies. Some things will require you to leave the game, however. Pressing the PS button once will bring up the XMB in-game, and holding the button down will show you the same menu you see pre-2.40. That means that no features are being removed. Tasty.”