E3 Sneak Peak….

Here are some things one should expect to be coming from E3. While some of the info is vague, it’s definitely something to get excited about….

  • God Of War 3 Teaser Trailer (No Actual Gameplay)
  • 2 New Exclusive games will be announced – One from Incognito, and the other game being similar to Buzz and Singstar in which it’s made for casual gamers, but thanks to several features it will also target the hardcore gamer audience.
  • MAJOR new feature will be announced for Little Big Planet
  • 2 new PSN features will be shown
  • New HOME feature will be announced

On top of all of the above, expect gameplay and trailers from all the major games that are to be released this year such as SOCOM: Confrontation, Motorstorm 2, etc.

E3 is going to be very exciting this year, with all consoles bringing out their big guns.  Stay tuned to for all of your PS3 E3 info.

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