A Fold Apart is a 3D Puzzle Game Inspired by Origami and Based on a True Story

A crowdfunding initiative has been launched.

Fortnite: Save the World’s Canny Valley Campaign and Updates Detailed

New player reporting system, new enemy types, and more.

BioWare Breaks Down How It’s Approaching Anthem’s Endgame, Says It’s a ‘Really Important’ Aspect

It’ll be accessible but not watered down.

Dontnod’s The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Won’t Have Trophies or Achievements

Grab it for free on Monday.

Quantic Dream Seemingly Not Ruling Out the Possibility of Detroit: Become Human Sequel

They don’t want to say anything about DLC yet either.

It’s Too Early to Say What Cyberpunk 2077 Can Achieve on Current-Gen Consoles, Says Dev

It looks like it’ll be a cross-gen release.

PS4, PSVR & PS Vita New Releases This Week: June 26 – Grab Your Crew and Drive

Get some boy love with the Ashen Hawk

Inazuma Eleven Ares Releasing in the West in 2019

Releases in Japan this fall.

Report: Telltale Games Moving to Unity Engine, Second Netflix Project in the Works

Can it turn Telltale around?

New Strange Brigade Screens Brings Gods, Monsters, and a Blimp (For Some Reason)

Yeah, this is actually amazing.

Remedy’s Control Happy to Embrace the Weirdness, Says Sam Lake

Where is my mind?

H1Z1 1.21 Update Patch Notes Reveal Jump Changes, New Bundles

Falling with style.

Death Stranding in Top 10 Most Talked About E3 Topics on Twitter

It’s the only new IP on the list.

Spider-Man PS4 Mocap Actor Reveals New Villain

Has the Sinister Six lineup been completed?

Otome Visual novel London Detective Mysteria Coming to Vita

New Vita game!

A New Report Suggests Gamers Don’t Agree With Gaming Addiction

Since gaming isn’t considered an addiction by a majority of those who participated in a Qutee survey, go ahead and stay up all night trying to beat that one boss.

E3 2018 Preview: The Mysterious Ailment of GreedFall

Search for the cure in this Baroque-inspired RPG.

Summer Games Done Quick Starts this Sunday, Get Hype

Save the animals!

PSVR Exclusive Animal Force Launches in United States Next Month

Save the world from aliens

Sony’s Cross-Play Stance Makes No Sense – Why Embracing PS4 Cross-Play Makes Everyone Win

Gamers, developers, and even Sony themselves would see benefits in allowing for cross-play.