Gwent The Witcher Card Game Campaign and Full Release Delayed to 2018, Promise of More Frequent Updates

The current version of Gwent is still a beta.

Robert Henrysson Joins Avalanche Studios as its Chairman of the Board

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Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier Review – No Monkey Business (PS4)

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Destiny 2 Trials of the Nine Map and Mode for November 24-November 27

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The Last Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report Will Air Next Week, Include Surprises

Information on a ton of stuff.

Destiny 2 Xur Location and Inventory Guide for November 24 – November 27, 2017

Get a Fusion Rifle and some Lucky Pants.

Gintama Rumble Shows the Wacky Special Moves and Pachinko Slot System

Gintoki launching a Kamehameha!?

Yoko Taro Discusses His Time Spent Working With Platinum Games in Latest Interview

If the money is there, so is Taro!

Latest Dragon’s Crown Pro Gameplay Spotlights the Dwarf

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Bandai Namco Publishes Teaser of a New Super Robot Wars

With an Asian English version possible from the get-go too?

Square Enix CEO Talks Hitman, Why IO Interactive Has the IP

“I believe it wouldn’t be Hitman unless it was Hitman made by IO.”

Things Get Spooky in the Latest Black Mirror Gameplay Trailer

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Wish Studios Discuss Challenges of Developing Knowledge is Power

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Free Arizona Sunshine DLC Will Add Two New Maps

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