This Week’s Blu-Cast

Following up last week’s strong title offerings, we have what I will call a “Theme Week.” If you look at the releases, you know it is all about Batman this week. I can’t blame the other studios for not offering up much because Batman Begins is expected to be a strong seller. Mix that with the next 2 weeks having some great offerings and everyone will be happy.

I’m definitely getting Batman Begins: Special Edition. I loved the movie and I love special editions. Initial reviews of the blu-ray have been really positive. That only fuels my desire to have it immediately. Sadly, I’ll only be able to watch it on a SD TV for the next 2 weeks. Feel free to tell me how amazing it looks all you want while can. Lol

Don’t forget to pick up the Batman anime release as well. I like the artistic style and I love anime in general. Why not get as much Batman in your life as possible before The Dark Knight arrives.

Release date
Batman Begins Jul 08, 2008
Batman: Gotham Knight Jul 08, 2008
Sleepwalking Jul 08, 2008