Huge Final Fantasy VII Announcement On The Way

Well it’s time for the rumors to start up once again. In a recent interview with Dengeki PlayStation, Tetsuya Nomura stated that there will be a big announcement coming soon concerning Final Fantasy VII. The interview was initially about the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, which a Blu-Ray adaption of the DVD counterpart. The Blu-Ray release will feature much more than the original DVD release.

As for the big announcement, most gamers are pretty much wishing for the same thing that we have all been asking to be done for years. That would be a remake of the hit Final Fantasy VII. While it is unlikely, Square Enix isn’t stupid. They know how much money this would bring in for the company. Sony also knows how many consoles that title alone would sell. So maybe a E3 announcement is around the corner? Who knows, anything is possible. Full article below.

In an interview with Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation, Tetsuya Nomura offers some interesting details about Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete, Blu-ray version of the film out there is already a certain time. We thought so far only a few bits of footage had been added, but little information and a complete absence of release date proved to be quite strange. In fact, according to Nomura, these are passages of the whole scenario that have been added and others who have been modified. In the end, the film should win in length and density. The Japanese release date has been decided, but it will have to wait (probably to the event DK Σ3713 in early August) so that it is unveiled. Nomura also notes that a big announcement that should accompany the release date, without giving more details … Such vagueness should encourage the wildest rumours.

Tetsuya Nomura is also rapidly on the development of Final Fantasy XIII Versus, a topic that had already provoked a general cafouillage a few weeks ago. The director of Thursday confides that the team is currently working above is very reduced, for the simple reason that the team kinematics is dedicated primarily to Advent Children Complete and programmers lend a hand to those of FFXIII. No, really, Versus XIII should not arrive before long … As a consolation, we can expect to have FFXIII faster.

Let the rumors begin.