Where is My Gaming Girl?

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
I wonder if she plays video games.


The decision to focus on the lifestyle aspects of Playstation and the individuals that own the console prompted an interesting conversation between myself and Sev1512. If you have spent any time on the forums, you’d know that I’ve been single for the past 5 years. Sev says that I am just married to work and school. I think he may be right. The truth of that statement does not change the fact that I am the only author on PSLS that is single. So….this caused me to think about the prospect of finding a girl that loves gaming, Playstation in particular, as much as I do. Here’s a checklist of some of the characteristics and interests that I hope she has:

  • She doesn’t have to be a Crash Bandicoot fan, but please tell me that you played Super Mario Bros.
  • You didn’t have to own both a Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. You did have to at least play one of them. (People that haven’t played those consoles seem to forget that there are such things as great games without online capabilities)
  • Like a game in a genre or two. It is fun to play fighting games or sports games. However, the idea of a shooter, PixelJunk Eden, or PixelJunk Monsters with your special someone sounds so intriguing. (Yes, I purposefully did not say SSHD. That is only because that is a given. My girl must play SSHD)
  • She doesn’t have to love Metal Gear Solid. She only has to respect it for the wonder that the series is.
  • She has to love Miyamoto and Crazy Ken as much as I do. We owe them so much.
  • Oh yea, she can’t hate JRPGs. I wouldn’t be able to survive a household or a relationship that will deny me White Knight Chronicles, FF XIII, or Versus XIII.


That list doesn’t seem too demanding. Now where should I look for someone with these qualities? As much as I love the site and the forums, I’ve yet to see one girl ID herself. Sad. We’ll have to work on that. Lol. The official Playstation Forums supposedly have a few, but I’m not really into that whole Internet dating scene. So…yea.


Looks like I’ll have to find a girl in the industry. Lol


All jokes aside. I hope you enjoyed this little break from the typical news. You got to see a little more of my playful side, as if I hadn’t shown it already. Also, we addressed an issue that is currently relevant to gaming. Where are all of the female gamers? I certainly would like to know.


This is Chris Rah Osiris, signing off.