PS3 Theme Creation Made Easy

Written by Chris Rah Osiris

A visual person such as myself would like to see how their new PS3 theme is shaping up before they install it on their PS3. There are even some people that still find theme creation too difficult. Well PS3ThemeCreator 1.7 is for you. I personally used an earlier version of PS3ThemeCreator to make my first theme. So this is not a recommendation of a program that I never used.

The Latest version of PS3ThemeCreator is patched to work with the latest firmware releases. There are new icons added that allow you to edit the new icons that have been added since 2.40. I suggest that everyone that is interested in theme creation and has a thing for GUI interfaces give this program a try.

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Latest Updates

PS3ThemeCreator v1.7 with support for new themes available now

Please download the patch and apply to v1.6

PS3ThemeCreator v1.6 Updates

1. Fixed problem related to p3tcompiler and p3textractor.

2. No need for images to be in 1 directory.

3. Load .p3t files directly into the app.

4. Organized directory structure so user knows where all content is.

5. Added ‘Favorite Themes’ for easy access to favorite themes for quick editing.

6. Support for upto 16 backgrounds.

7. Checks for correct image size and format.

8. Theme color now show on main view when selected.

9. Added feature to Show/Remove background by right clicking on a background image.

10. Fixed misc bugs.