How to Apply for the Home Expanded Closed Beta

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
I love blueprints
I love blueprints

Do you want to get into Home? Do you wish Sony would allow you to show how interested you are in being a part of the expanded Beta? All you have to do is download the new Home theme that will be available in the store today. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? I’m so excited!

Sony is using a variety of factors to determine who will be in the expanded Beta. PSN usage and other things will be a part of this evaluation. Of course the detailed process of evaluation was not explained. So Home enthusiasts, PSN lovers, and Playstation users should get that theme today.

Here is the official post from Jack Buser:

Later today, the PLAYSTATION Store will be updated with a PlayStation Home theme. By downloading the theme, users are submitting an application to join the PlayStation Home Beta test community. We will be using a variety of criteria including activity on the PLAYSTATION Network to determine eligibility for the Beta community. Existing beta testers have automatically qualified to be part of the expanded beta.

We’re really excited about this milestone and want our most loyal fans to be a part of the evolution of PlayStation Home.

In Europe, SCEE is also beginning their expanded closed beta, directly targeting consumers who have been most active on PLAYSTATION Network and PLAYSTATION Store. SCEE will be in email contact with their PSN audience very shortly.

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