Warhawk v1.5 Details

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
Warhawk 1.5 soon!

Dylan made an appearance on the PS Blog. This post gave a lot of info on the upcoming Warhawk update. The release date for the patch was confirmed again. August 27th is the tentative date. You know these things need to pass certification. I have my fingers crossed for it making the date.

Now for the good stuff. Here’s what is in the update:

  • Custom soundtrack via the xmb music player
  • Trophy support
  • Offline tutorials. (Yay for me)
  • Rookie servers
  • Ceremonial knives for the people that participated in the GGL Tournament
  • Clan leaders can retract clan invites
  • Also there are new paint schemes and insignias

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Dylan also hinted about jetpacks in the next Booster Pack. (StalkingSilence had mentioned this in a post.) There will be more information coming at Leipzig