PlayStation LifeStyle High Rollers Club

Written by Sev1512

PlayStation LifeStyle is fully embracing PS3 trophy support.

To make things a bit more competitive, as well as to offer a “reward” for all your hard work in earning trophies…

We’ve come up with the PSLS High Rollers Club.

This feature started in our forums, however we didn’t want to leave out the many loyal readers of PlayStation LifeStyle.

If you make it into the High Rollers Club, you will get a special VIP status in our forums, as well has having your name on a leaderboard.  We even have a special signature to use in our forums, or any other forum you visit, so you can show off your trophy skills.

This feature is just beginning and it will be expanding for the next few weeks.

At the moment, you need to be a Level 4 on your PSN gamer ID.

To be a part of the High Rollers Club, you need to reply to this thread in our forums

Comment below to let us know how you feel about the High Rollers Club