Assified Advertising, Half-Assed Reality

Written by LinuxGuru
Looks like this guy doesnt wanna hear what I have to you?
Looks like this guy doesn't wanna hear what I have to you?

Hey everyone, just here to ask you a quick question.

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Does it bother you when you get excited about a game that claims it has this feature or that feature and that it is complete and unbeatable / unmatched, totally incredible, and irrefutably awesome?

Such games might be ones that tout their awesome physics engine with “total” destruction. However you later on discover that the “destruction” is either very poorly done with simple effects-disguised model swapping and disappearing ruins, it’s oversimplified (can’t destroy parts of a building) or the destruction may not even be complete at all!

What about a publisher that pastes quotes on their games from a website saying it’s the most photo-realistic thing since…well…real life? Example: Call of Duty 4.

The original Call of Duty 4 box art had a similar quote on the back, only months later to have the quote changed to a much lesser tone, with the words “photo-realistic” removed.

So my point is…do you approve of these companies putting these quotes on their games initially, possibly to draw extra sales from people that appreciate graphics (or whatever else) more, only to change the tone of the quote later when it is no longer relevant and the sales effect has worn off, revealing the unavoidable truth, hence the change?