The FACTS about Life with PlayStation

Written by Sev1512

Many of you have seen PlayStation LifeStyle’s announcement that Life With PlayStation was available for download.  With so many PS3 users left in the cold, PlayStation LifeStyle is bringing you the FACTS about Life With PlayStation so you can prepare for when it is finally released to the public…

  • Life With PlayStation was released accidentally, Sony told EurogamerToday, while testing the application, Life with PlayStation was available for download temporarily, by mistake
  • It’s coming shortly.  Sony added to EurogamerWe will make official announcement for the service launch shortly.”
  • It does NOT require, nor have anything to do with FW 2.43 unlike what Kotaku is saying (Kotaku is saying “2.43 PS3 update adds Life With PlayStation for some“)
  • Life With PlayStation replaces Folding@Home icon, and application.
  • Folding@Home runs while using Life With PlayStation, so you can feel good about using it…
  • To download (when it’s publicly available) you start up Folding@Home, you will be prompted to update to Life With PlayStation version 1.00, which is a 126MB download.
  • It displays headlines from across the globe, as well as weather and temperature for many countries.
  • In-Game XMB works during Life With PlayStation
  • Its FREE!!!

There you have it, those are the cold hard facts about Life With PlayStation.  This service isn’t exactly groundbreaking, and if you own a Wii, its very similar to the Wii News Channel and Forecast Channel combined.