Trophy Guide – High Velocity Bowling

High Velocity Bowling launched in early December of last year and this past May in Europe.  The title makes excellent use of the SixAxis controls and is an entertaining party game.  There was one thing that the game lacked when it launched, Online Play.  However on October 16th High Velocity Bowling received a patch to include Online Play, but it also included support for our beloved Trophies.

Team RamRod took an interesting route, they completely forwent giving Trophies for anything that was included in the original game and decided to go with a completely online approach.  All of the Trophies except for two can be earned just by continuing to play online and given enough patience. Those two Trophies that do require a bit of skill require a 180 and 250 pins with a single game.

150 Strikes (Gold): Accumulate 150 strikes in online play.

– The fewest games this can be completed in is 13, however if your that good you probably don’t need this guide.  If you’re even halfway decent at this game this still shouldn’t take too long to rack up.  Even if you only manage 3 Strikes a game that’s only 50 matches.  The best solution for this is to find a line, speed and spin that you are comfortable with and gives you a strike a majority of the time.  Keep using that character, ball and oil pattern and start racking up those strikes.

75 Strikes (Silver): Accumulate 75 strikes in online play.

– See 150 Strikes (Gold), just requires fewer strikes.

25 Wins (Silver): Win 25 or more games in online play.

– You’ll need to be either good, lucky or persistent.  25 wins isn’t exactly a hard thing to come across, even if you not the most excellent person at the game.  If you keep with it you’ll eventually get that 25th.  Don’t obsess about this as if you play consistently you’ll earn this within due time.

5000 Pins (Silver): Accumulate a total of 5000 pins knocked down in online play.

– Endurance is all it’s about.  Good (Scoring average 200+) players will get this around their 25th game,  average players (Scoring average ~150) will take around 35 games and the not so graceful (Scoring average ~100-) should take around 50+.  Keep at it and you’ll pick it up before you know it.

Score 250 (Silver): Score 250 or better in an online game.

– I’ll be honest with you, most people won’t get this one.  Even if you find that perfect throw that almost always gives you a strike, this will take some patience and luck.  You will need to bowl constant strikes to even have a hope of getting this, which you’ll need around 8 in a match plus some spares to grab this beauty.

3 Games (Bronze): Complete 3 full games in online play.

– Complete 3 online matches.  It doesn’t matter how good (or bad) you do, just that you finish.

1 Win (Bronze): Win a single game in online play.

– See 25 Wins (Silver), just requires fewer wins.

15 Spares (Bronze): Accumulate 15 spares in online play.

– Bowl 15 Spares.  You’ll likely pick this up as you play online.  You don’t have to explicitly try for it as it’ll quickly come naturally as you play for the other Trophies.

10 Strikes (Bronze): Accumulate 10 strikes in online play.

– See 150 Strikes (Gold), just requires fewer strikes.

500 Pins (Bronze): Accumulate a total of 500 pins knocked down in online play.

-See 5000 Pins (Silver), just requires fewer pins.

1600+ Rating (Bronze): Achieve an online skill rating of 1600 or better.

– When you start out you have a  skill rating 1500, in the case you win your first online match that you play you will most likely also be awarded with this.  However if you lose that match you’ll likely lose anywhere from 100-250 points, the better you bowl and lose the fewer points you lose.  The same goes when you win, the better you bowl and win the more points you win.  The opponents score also seems to affect how much you win/lose but not to the extent that yours does.  Win 2 or 3 matches in a row and your almost assured to up to 1600+.

Score 180 (Bronze): Score 180 or better in an online game.

– See Score 250 (Silver), just requires a lower score.