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This Week’s Blu-Cast

Written by Chris Rah Osiris

I don't like the look of this

I don't like the look of this

How do I put this….there is nothing to see here. There are no major releases this week and there are far better things to do. I suggest playing LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2 Beta, or any other nice title that you have your hands on. I will be going through Dead Space with the trophy guide provided by Phoenix.

Can you find anything in here worth a purchase:

Release date
Canada BarakaOct 28, 2008
BarakaOct 28, 2008
Tinker BellOct 28, 2008
Canada Tinker BellOct 28, 2008
ElfOct 28, 2008
Hell RideOct 28, 2008
Zombie StrippersOct 28, 2008
Mysterious IslandOct 28, 2008
Canada Mysterious IslandOct 28, 2008
Essential Holiday CollectionOct 28, 2008