PAIN Movie Studio Trophies

Written by Phoenix8387 phoenix8387

The Hoff, coming to a PlayStation 3 near you.

PAIN is getting another round of DLC soon, this time in the form of a Movie Studio and quite a few characters.  Along with premium DLC comes more Trophies, and here we have them for your viewing pleasure.  Looks like we will also be receiving at least one Street Fight character as DLC to go alongside ‘The Hoff’ and Buzz.

Gettin Hoff (Gold): Use Tuxedo Hoff to get 69 million in any PAINdemonium Mode

Street Rider (Silver): Use any Street Fighter character to travel 2 miles while grabbing a vehicle

Buzzmonkey (Silver): Score 60 Monkeys in Spank the Monkey Painful with Buzz

Helmet PI (Bronze): Give the Gladiator a ride in the Sports Car

Camera Boom (Bronze): Hit 50 Cameras with Explosions

Glass Lass (Bronze): Break 500 panes of glass with any female launchable in Mime Toss

Blockbuster (Bronze): Use a tank to blow up the Castle Tower