Afrika Still Coming?

Written by: BigPete7978 
Looks like we're getting it afterall
Looks like we're still getting it afterall


Just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up on the status of Afrika here in the U.S. Earlier today one of our frequent blog readers and forum users Fersis tipped me to all of this information. It seems that it is indeed still coming to the U.S. The thing is though that it won’t be under the name Afrika. It will titled National Geographic: Africa. There is a thread over on NeoGAF with a mod stating the following:

Confirmed it is Afrika. SCEA won’t provide more info since they aren’t actually publishing it.

Also a link found HERE states that it will infact be released this November, meaning this month. Personally I am looking forward to this title. It is very different from most games that I am used to playing. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. I do wonder what the trophies will be though.