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Demo for Capcom’s Flock in January Episode of Qore [UPDATE]

December 3, 2008Written by StalkingSilence

Written by stalkingsilence
Flock to the January Episode of Qore

Flock to the January Episode of Qore

This just in from John Diamonon of Capcom over at the PlayStation.Blog.  In a response to a comment posted by an awesome PS Blog reader (haha), John reveals that there will be a demo of the game included in the January episode of Qore.  The Qore episode is scheduled to hit on Thursday, January 1 of next year (unless delayed due to new year festivities).

Personally, I’m intrigued by this unique PSN release featuring UFOs and sheep.

UPDATE – The ESRB has just rated this game (Rating: Everyone) and included this description of the game:

This is a whimsical puzzle game in which players control a UFO that abducts animals (pigs, cows, chickens, sheep, etc.) and herds them into a mother ship. Players are rewarded for herding as many animals as they can within a time limit. Players have the ability to steer animals off cliffs, launch them into the air, or even flatten them with a depressor beam, however, this activity is discouraged since losing too many animals causes the level to restart. Some level/stage names contain references to bodily humor (e.g., “Poo Pits of Peril”) as well as depictions of animal flatulence, which is accompanied by a brown gas cloud.  Source: ESRB Rating for Flock

We’ll keep you posted here at PlayStation LifeStyle!

Source: PlayStation.Blog