Demo for Capcom’s Flock in January Episode of Qore [UPDATE]

Written by stalkingsilence
Flock to the January Episode of Qore
Flock to the January Episode of Qore

This just in from John Diamonon of Capcom over at the PlayStation.Blog.  In a response to a comment posted by an awesome PS Blog reader (haha), John reveals that there will be a demo of the game included in the January episode of Qore.  The Qore episode is scheduled to hit on Thursday, January 1 of next year (unless delayed due to new year festivities).

Personally, I’m intrigued by this unique PSN release featuring UFOs and sheep.

UPDATE – The ESRB has just rated this game (Rating: Everyone) and included this description of the game:

This is a whimsical puzzle game in which players control a UFO that abducts animals (pigs, cows, chickens, sheep, etc.) and herds them into a mother ship. Players are rewarded for herding as many animals as they can within a time limit. Players have the ability to steer animals off cliffs, launch them into the air, or even flatten them with a depressor beam, however, this activity is discouraged since losing too many animals causes the level to restart. Some level/stage names contain references to bodily humor (e.g., “Poo Pits of Peril”) as well as depictions of animal flatulence, which is accompanied by a brown gas cloud.  Source: ESRB Rating for Flock

We’ll keep you posted here at PlayStation LifeStyle!

Source: PlayStation.Blog