Everyday Shooter to Grace a PSP Handheld Near You

Written by T3mpr1x temprix

Coming TODAY to your PSP!
Coming TODAY to your PSP!

As what may come as a shocker to many of you, though it was kind of hinted at before, Everyday Shooter is coming to the PSP via the PS Store update later today! As it turns out, the developer had tried porting it before, near the end of the year of 2007, but gave up shortly due to all the complications that arose. Enter developer Backbone.

Backbone Entertainment, developers of such recent PSN titles as Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3, 1942: Joint Strike, and even Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, headed this operation. From the looks of things, the result is a perfect port of this wonderful game. As original programmer Jon Mak puts it, “It’s basically Everyday Shooter PS3, except it’s running on a PSP.” ’nuff said.