Age of Booty… has unexpected Booty [Update]

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Age of Booty was patched updated today to support Trophies.  At this time the patch isn’t live, however if you re-download the game from the PS Store you will grab the new version of the game.  This has happened before with PixelJunk Monsters, so expect the patch to be downloadable soon.  But that isn’t the reason this deserves a post… there is another.  The Trophies… or should I say A trophy.

[Update] The Trophies are now longer available through any means.  It is unclear if they were put up on accident or if the list is accurate to the final list.

In a very strange occurrence, Age of Booty has received a Platinum Trophy.  Yes, you have heard that right.  Age of Booty DOES have a Platinum Trophy.  Previously thought to be exclusive to disk based titles and PSN titles valued at or above $19.99, Age of Booty can reward players with a Platinum for the low price of $9.99.

Platinum Trophy

  • Platinum – Unlocked all other trophies

Gold Trophies

  • Bombs Away – Destroy a neutral or enemy town’s defense with a bomb.
  • Flushed Away – Use a whirlpool curse to teleport an enemy that is attacking your town.
  • Cherry Picker – Capture a neutral town after the enemy has destroyed its defenses.
  • Boom Boom – Sink two enemy ships with a single bomb.
  • Landlubber – Beat all easy challenges.
  • On the Account – Beat all medium challenges.
  • Freebooter – Beat all hard challenges.
  • King’s Pardon – Beat every challenge in the game.
  • Sea Legs – Win a game in Player Match.
  • Old Salt – Win 10 games in Player Match.

Silver Trophies

  • Cartographer – Create and save a custom map.
  • Plunder – Capture a town.

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