Pixeljunk Eden Patch: Coming Soon

Written by Sev1512 sev1512-48

It looks like our friends over at selectstartgames.com have uncovered a patch that is due soon for one of my favorite PSN titles, Pixeljunk Eden…

Q-Games has updated their Japanese website with information on the patch which is slated to release December 19th in EU and JP territories.  As for a US release all we get is a”coming soon”.  We have contacted Dylan Cuthbert, President of Q-Games for a more solid date for those of us in the US.  We will update when we get more information.

The patch is said to make the game “easier”, here are the list of features:

  • New continue system for when you run out of time
  • A whole new control system to choose from
  • Lots more time to spare
  • Smoother Multi-play camera