Savage Moon Coming… Just Not This Week

Written by Justin phoenix8387

Courtesy of the PS.Blog we now know Savage Moon is coming soon.  But how soon?  Within the next two weeks and for only $9.99.  This may disappoint some fans who were expecting to see the game drop today, but we’ve waited this long… whats another week or two?

Savage Moon is a tower defense game ala the popular PixelJunk Monsters title.  However unlike the cutsey 2D world of Monsters, Savage Moon takes itself much more seriously and is in full 3D.

In Savage Moon, players are tasked to defend mining facilities from Insectocyte monsters by building towers in strategic locations while using a massive array of weapons to fend off waves of increasingly tough enemies. Killing Insectocytes will earn you funds that can be used to build, upgrade or research new weapons to strengthen your defenses.

Source: PS.Blog