[Exclusive] Leaked LBP DLC, Patch Schedule from Media Molecule

Written by stalkingsilence stalkingsilence-48
Is that a LittleBigSchedule?
Is that a LittleBigSchedule?

I was perusing Media Molecule’s Flickr feed when I stumbled upon some very small dry erase marker in the background of one of the pictures.  Using our proprietary PSLS decoding software (uh, looking closely at the picture) combined with our knowledge of the cheese-based naming of upcoming patches for LittleBigPlanet, we will attempt to shed some light on what you can expect for the game in the coming months.

We know Media Molecule has already delivered some cheese (patches), such as Roquefort, the 1.07 patch.  From the image, we can see patch 1.08 at the top of the image (slightly cut off).  That was already delivered most recently and it added in textures and other content for upcoming DLC/costumes.

Next on the list is Jarlsberg, with what appears to say “2000 AD” next to it, listed as TBC (to be confirmed).  It looks like Media Molecule has teams working on multiple patches at the same time, with some listed as “to be confirmed” before they get a patch number, and are submitted to Sony QA Testing.  In addition, Jarlsberg seems to consist primarily of data for the game, or content, and is currently held up in “legal” – could this be a feature that was cut out due to legal concerns (e.g., photo importing)?

Next on the list we see the sequential follow-up to the current 1.08 version of LittleBigPlanet, which is version 1.09, the Edam patch.  This chart confirms that Edam contains “priority bug fixes” for the game’s code and is currently in testing.  Media Molecule has mentioned that they’d like to get the Edam patch out by mid-february, and it fixes the “user profile full” issue, object capture bug, failed to load profile error, slow rewind due to moderation check, save file corruption, and the text chat window not displaying properly.

Next on the list is the Cornish Yarg patch, which Media Molecule teased us with saying it contains “new creative capabilities” which may require extensive testing and should be out in 6-8 weeks.  We can now confirm by looking at this image, that the new creative capabilities include new tutorials and ONLINE CREATE! Media Molecule made it seem like they would have some sort of closed beta for selected users to test it out in some of their previous blog posts, so we’re having trouble interpreting the dates on this leaked schedule.  Maybe it was submitted 28/29 January and they hope to announce it by “END JAN?” … that would be today.  What do you guys think those lines mean?

Next we see the Leerdammer update, which we can now tell includes code fixes, specifically networking (TCP/IP) fixes.  This should help with those gamers experiencing packet loss and online lag.  “Amy” at Media Molecule is working on it and we can expect announcements throughout February.

Now, the most exciting exclusive PlayStation LifeStyle news is that another cheese is in the works!  The Stinking Bishop patch! Unannounced as of yet from Media Molecule, all we know is that this patch includes the Arcade Pack.  Rarely does a piece of DLC require a new patch, so we’re hoping this will be another game-changing piece of DLC, like the MGS4 pack.  I am willing to bet this cheese won’t stink.

By the way, if you want to help Media Molecule get these patches out, they just posted 2 new job openings: Senior QA Technician and Gameplay Programmer.  One rule, if you get the job, you must tell them to send PlayStation LifeStyle a copy of their next game!