Killzone 2 Controls Remain Unchanged

Written by Azariah chrisrahosiris-48


The Killzone 2 demo sparked a great deal of debate about the supposed lag that some players were experiencing. Some blamed their displays and others blamed GG. It was eventually realized that the slower pace of the game was intentional. However, the complaints of lag did not fall on deaf ears. There was a full investigation done. I am happy to report that the controls will remain unchanged. You will be happy to hear that the multiplayer does play quicker and allow you to react as need be (As need be = dying in a shower of bullets from yours truly).

“After carefully looking into this, reading the posts, talking to a lot of you directly and analysing the controls at GG we have come to the conclusion that there are no changes required to the system.

“If at all, any changes to the controls would put the majority of people who have not had problems or have adapted out of whack, which may be more serious.”

Whether the ‘problem’ was exclusive to the demo, or was rejected altogether we’re unsure, but this following comment might shed more light on the issue:

“Killzone 2 is a weighty, slower, more tactical first person experience that focuses on immersion. It is not a twitchy, split-second gun-wielding experience like some shooters.”

Some are worried that the weightier controls will negatively impact the multiplayer experience; however, GG have made sure to adjust the controls and animations to suit this experience:

“Also, the online experience is quicker as we’ve made the controls and animations a little faster during design.”

[Source via GameZine]