Age of Booty Gets Its Groove Back

Written by Richard richardallenavatar1


Age of Booty got a case of the mistaken trophies back in December.  For some reason this title was allowed a platinum trophy once upon a time.  Fanboys and forum moderators were a-flutter when it was first released.  How dare a small downloadable think it’s going to get away with a platinum trophy.  The trophies disappeared soon after the patch was scrubbed from the servers.  Booty’s booty is back, soon.  Word in from Capcom is Sony has approved the new and gimped trophy patch.  Expect to hear word soon.

Sony America and Sony Europe have approved the Age of Booty Trophy Patch. All this free booty is sailing towards a PSN connection near you. Date for a North America/Europe release to be announced soon. – Capcom Official Blog