Finally: Warhawk Command Center game space goes live in Home this week

Written by stalkingsilence stalkingsilence-48
PSLS Staff wander around in the Warhawk Command Center
Sev1512 of PSLS wanders around the Warhawk Command Center in Home

Today, amongst a TON of major news from the Destination PlayStation event for retailers, we got a great bit of information about Home.  Warhawk’s game space will finally be hitting this week, after much anticipation.  We previewed the game space back in July of 2008 and despite the long wait, we can’t help but get excited for more Warhawk action.

We covered Warhawk this week in our retro-review (5/5), as everyone at PSLS got excited for a new reason to jump into Home.  Currently, until we are provided with some more specific information, we expect the new game space to go live on Thursday.

We’ll see you there, launching some Warhawk directly from Home in the game space.

All of these promises from the last few years really seem to be coming to fruition.  Am I the only one who’s excited?