Top 5 PSN Games You May Have Missed

featuretop5psnmissed2009Following up our Top 5 PS3 Games You May Have Missed, is our list of PSN titles, that for some reason or another, many people have missed, but really shouldn’t have.  After you’re done reading this list, make sure to check them out.

#5.) Blast Factor


To sum up Blast Factor…  well…  it’s a blast.  The first dual-stick, top-down shooter to grace the PSN released to a small user base, and most likely was missed by many of you.  Its use of the SIXAXIS was brilliant at the time, being the first PSN game to take advantage of it’s motion sensing goodness.  The graphics are nothing to shout about, but the gameplay sure is, the game is fun, addictive, and was a great way to kill time between bouts of Resistance: Fall of Man, which was really all that was worth playing around the PS3 launch.  Blast Factor recently got patched to include trophy support so those of you who haven’t picked up this game have more reason to do so than ever.

#4.) Calling All Cars


Another great game that suffered the pains of being released to a slow to start PS3 user-base.  Directed by David Jaffe, of God of War and Twisted Metal fame, this game is as fun as it gets.  The premise is very simple, you drive around trying to catch “robbers” and bring them to “jail”, using any means necessary (in Calling All Cars, the necessary means are missiles, magnets, and more).  This game really shines playing at home with some friends, since you have the pleasure of laughing in their face with a Nelson Muntz-esque Haw-haaaaw! when you “steal” the robber from them just as they were about to score.  If you are still on the fence about buying an annual subscription to Qore, Calling All Cars comes bundled to sweeten the deal.

#3.) Echochrome


Many PS3 owners will be instantly turned off by Echochrome…  blindingly white screen, no explosions, or violence, just an artistic puzzler that is as elegant as it gets.  The classical background music, helps relax your mind to focus on the task at hand.  As you start to figure out how to play Echochrome correctly, twisting and turning the puzzle, to reach “echoes”, you start to appreciate it for what it is, and that is one of the finest puzzle games available on the PSN.  Yet another title that received the trophy treatment recently, Echochrome is worth picking up even without the trophy support, but ever since the patch, its value has increased exponentially.

#2.) High Velocity Bowling


Move over Wii Sports bowling, this is the closest thing you’ll get to real bowling, aside from strapping on some stinky, overly used and stretched out bowling shoes, and walking up the hardwood lanes yourself.  HVB has received a ton of  free DLC, and has plenty of premium DLC that you can customize the experience with…  it even has custom soundtrack support, so you can jam to your favorite tunes while you try to bowl a 300!

#1.) Everyday Shooter


Jonathan Mak’s first game on the PSN (also the only one, but we sure hope he releases more) is a dual-stick, top-down shooter at heart, but is really so much more of a stimulatory experience than most others in the genre.  Beautifully designed abstract art styled stages, and geometrically shaped enemies impress, but more impressive is the guitar riffs as you shoot and destroy each enemy which seem perfectly intertwined within the game’s all-guitar soundtrack.  Each level offers a comepletely different way to chain your attacks, which in turn increases your overall score.  You use the points you have earned to purchase extras from the in-game menu which can change the whole look of the game.  Because this game offers no trophy support, this game will most likely will be passed by the many PS3 owners who picked up their console after its release.  However this game is good enough to reach our number one spot, so if you value an excellent game, then the fact it doesn’t support trophies shouldn’t steer you away from this experience.