Rumored PS Store Content for 03/05/09


This week is shaping up to have a lot of content…  We have a few demos arriving today (WWE: Legends of Wrestlemania, Wanted: Weapons of Fate), and we have the first of the Watchmen: The End is Nigh episodic content.  Of course as always we are getting plenty of DLC, from Skate 2, Street Fighter IV, Prince of Persia, and the usual Rock Band/Guitar Hero tracks.  For those of you who have Unreal Tournament III, you will want to pick up the free DLC.  We aren’t sure if that is coming to the store, is enabled through a patch.  We also have yet another Spring Fever release due today, although as to what it might be, there is no confirmation, only rumors at this point…

WWE Legends of Wrestlemania Demo

Wanted: Weapons of Fate Demo

Watchmen: The End is Nigh

Street Fighter IV DLC – Shoryuken pack

Prince of Persia DLC– Epilogue pack

Unreal Tournament III DLC – Titan Pack

Skate  2 DLC

Rock Band DLC – Stevie Ray Vaughan track pack

Guitar Hero DLC

MLB 09: The Show Theme (PS3 and PSP)

That is all we have for confirmed content the rest is our rumored content…

MLB 09: The Show Demo (PSP)

wheeloffortune Wheel of Fortune