The Catch-Up: May 15th, 2014 – Bombshell Announced for PS4



General News

  • If you want Amplitude on PS4 and PS3, you better hope it gets Kickstarted, because as Harmonix said, “There aren’t publishing funds waiting in the wings or some third party who’s eager to offset our costs – either we fund the game here, or the game goes back on the shelf.” With 8 days to go the game still needs about $500,000, so things aren’t looking good. [Via, Source]
  • Sony’s Gio Corsi has promised that a patch for Borderlands 2 on PS Vita is coming, while the PS3 Borderlands 2 Cross Save patch is “in final test,” meaning it could release on Friday. [Twitter]
  • Either a mistake or a precursor to an E3 price drop, Sony’s Road to Greatness contest says the PlayStation Vita’s average retail value is $179.99. As of right now, stores are selling the PlayStation Vita for $199.99. Hmm… [Via, Source]
  • Regarding Wolfenstein: The New Order, Bethesda says, “Our extensive playtesting shows that normal playthroughs of the game generally take around 15-20 hours. It’s worth noting that the game features an early game choice that creates alternates timelines in the story, and as a result, we believe many will want to go back and play the game a second time.” [Source]
  • The official announcement will come tomorrow, but an early tease is that jetpacks are coming to Killzone: Shadow Fall. [Twitter]
  • Apparently Notch really likes the PlayStation Vita. [Twitter]
  • Talking about E3, Hideo Kojima said, “I expect type of E3 trailers this year will be like Hollywood action movie organized with explosion, collapse, destruction, hanging, car-chase, magnificent vista, or mob scene. But what I’m making is different from those mentioned above. Trying less lines/scripts. As got feedback from people played [Ground Zeroes] that they wanna revenge in [The Phantom Pain], I’m adding hints of what happens to Snake & his team in E3 trailer.” [Twitter 1, 2, 3]
  • Telltale Games may have yet another project in the works, as President Kevin Bruner said, “Crazy day of Walking Dead, Thrones, Borderlands, and one other thing I can’t talk about. This is just an amazing time at Telltale.” Such a tease! [Twitter]
  • Attention Rock Band owners: “Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine – Pt 1” by James Brown, and the associated Get The Funk Out Pack 01, will come down from the store by May 30th. [Source]
  • While the default John and Jane were by far the most popular names in Mass Effect 3, BioWare shared the top 5 non-default names for each gender: Male – Jack, James, Chris, Alex, Michael; Female – Sarah, Kate, Alice, Jessica, Alex. [Source]
  • Adding another 3 million sold during the last fiscal year, Far Cry 3 is now over 9 million copies sold lifetime. [Source]
  • To celebrate the release of the High Life update, Rockstar is holding a High Life Event weekend from Friday through Sunday in Grand Theft Auto Online. You can expect bonus RP, increase GTA$ payouts, and more. [Full Details]
  • Want to see DriveClub videos in 1080p? [Head Over Here]

New Videos

  • Capcom has announced that the Ultra Street Fighter IV digital upgrade will release on June 3rd in North America and June 4th in Europe through the PlayStation Store on PS3 for $14.99. Then, on August 5th in North America and August 8th in Europe, the full retail and digital versions of Ultra Street Fighter IV will be available on PS3 for $39.99. Pre-order the game from select retailer starting today to receive a costume pack with 5 costumes:

  • Publisher 3D Realms and developer Interceptor (Rise of the Triad) have announced Bombshell, a top-down action role-playing game for PC and PlayStation 4. More info will be given at E3, but what we know now is that Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison strong-arms her way across 4 planets in an Unreal Engine-powered galactic adventure to the save the U.S. President from an apocalyptic alien threat:

  • Scuf Gaming has shown off their 4PS controller for the PlayStation 4, which is set to launch in June [Via]:

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