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Dissidia: Final Fantasy in Time for the Holidays

March 26, 2009Written by Dan Massi

Square Enix has confirmed that Dissidia: Final Fantasy will be hitting European shelves this fall. The PSP title will have you brawling many of the Final Fantasy characters that have graced systems and portables for more then 20 years. Square Enix president and CEO, John Yamamoto, had to say this about the game:

“With so many favourite heroes and villains contained in one game, DISSIDIA -FINAL FANTASY- is certainly going to appeal to fans of FINAL FANTASY. We also hope that players unfamiliar with the series are also attracted by an action-packed experience that really showcases the PSP and is set to become an instant classic on the system.”

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is expected to have a release in North America in Q3 2009. The game was released late last year in Japan.