Six Days of Fallujah Documents Its Way Onto PS3


Atomic Games has revealed its newest game in San Francisco today, titled Six Days of Fallujah. It’s a 3rd person shooter that is going to very closely follow real events that happened in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004. Atomic has brought on more than 3 dozen soldiers that were involved in the battles in Fallujah to help them make it as pinpoint accurate as they possibly can.

Peter Tamte, the president of Atomic Games has this to say on the subject of their new upcoming shooter.

“For us, games are not just toys. If you look at how music, television and films have made sense of the complex issues of their times, it makes sense to do that with videogames,

We replicate a specific and accurate timeline — we mean six days literally,” says Mr. Tamte. “We track several units through the process and you get to know what it was like from day to day.”

Is the world ready to start playing through events of the Iraqi war? We will find out whenever Six Days of Fallujah releases.