Capcom Hearts PlayStation Software Sales


According to Capcom’s latest financial report, the major publisher expects the PlayStation 3 to sell the most software with the least amount of games releasing (compared to the other consoles) for this fiscal year.

With only 10 Capcom published games arriving on the PlayStation 3, they are expecting to sell 4.9 million units.  The Xbox 360, which is getting 11 games this fiscal year is expected to sell 4.55 million units.  The Wii is the console expected to sell the least amount of software, even when having the highest amount of games releasing at a total 14, is only expected to move a measly 2.20 million units.

The PS3 isn’t the only PlayStation product Capcom is predicting to move software.  On the portable front, the PSP is expected to sell 2.45 million units with 8 games being released.  As opposed to the Nintendo DS selling only 2.1 million units, even with a whopping 29 games being published by Capcom.

This is a major increase from last year where Capcom’s 8 games on the PS3 sold 1.75 million units.  This jump in numbers from Capcom means they must be expecting a major sales spike in the PS3.