Saints Row 2 Goes Corporate

May 22, 2009Written by Draisey

The release of the second [shal]Saints Row 2 [/shal]DLC package, Corporate Warfare, is almost here. The new DLC focuses on the struggle between the Saints and Ultor Corporation. And like the prior Ultor Exposed DLC, there’ll be a ton of new vehicles, customization items, and a few multiplayer maps to round out the experience.

But there’s also a new Competitive Co-op mode, as well as some community requests. The whole focus of this [shal]DLC[/shal] is to keep the fans happy, and [shal]Volition[/shal] is setting out to do this by including requested items like face bandannas and hockey masks, as well as a great Co-op mission and “a conclusion that defies description.”

Screenshots from the DLC, including one of its multiplayer maps, Lost Island, are viewable below. Check them out and let us know what you think! Corporate Warfare will be available May 28th for $7.00 on the PS Store.