Trine’s Co-op Mode Revealed

May 28, 2009Written by Paulmichael Contreras


Trine, the upcoming sidescroller for the PlayStation 3 and PC due out this June, has some unique plans in the works when it comes to multiplayer. Do you have two friends? Then get them to join in on some three player fun, detailed below!

The game’s main (and playable) characters are Zoya the Theif, Pontius the Warrior, and Amadeus the Wizard. They each have their own special powers, and obviously contribute in numerous ways to help solve puzzles. Each character starts the game with a basic set of skills which can be upgraded as the player(s) progress. One of Zoya’s strongest powers later in the game will be to manipulate time, which can help in solving puzzles and defeating enemies.


This side-scroller is set to launch, in the UK at least, on July 3rd. Though there won’t be online multiplayer included in the title, but a patch will be available that same day to bring this functionality to the game. Pretty weird considering this is an online release, but good news nonetheless. Here’s hoping the game still releases in the US in June.