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Kaz Hirai Vows to Bring Profitability to Sony

May 31, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Kaz Hirai, Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. CEO, said Thursday that one of the companies biggest mission is to bring Sony’s gaming division back into profit. Kaz plans to do this through cut-cutting measures and the expansion of the PlayStation Network.

Sony has talked before about having the PlayStation Network become integrated with each and every one of its components. Though, how far they’ll be able to take this concept is anyone’s guess. Kaz expects to raise sales of PlayStation Network from 20 billion Yen to 50 billion Yen for the current fiscal year.

In more American terms, from 210.2 million dollars to 525.6 million dollars. Kaz sure is shooting for the moon this year, and hopefully this is indeed the Year of the PS3 and that they keep the content coming on PSN.

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