Sony Executive Loves ‘Rebirth’ of E3


In a recent interview, newly established SCEE CEO Andrew House talks adamantly talks about the ‘rebirth’ of this year’s E3 convention.

“I think you get a singular opportunity to have the press and everybody else focus on our industry for a week in LA – one of the entertainment capitals of the world.

That’s pretty priceless. As soon as you took emphasis away from that we lost an opportunity to reach the media and by extension broaden our appeal as an industry as a whole, so I’m very glad it’s back. It’s absolutely worth the collective investment we put into it.”

Of course, when House refers to E3 being “back”, he is talking about the changes the ESA instituted. Last year’s E3 was often criticized for being being drastically smaller in scale, as well as lot emptier. This year’s E3, on the other hand, opened up a bit, allowing in far more attendees.