Quantic Dream Gives PSLS a Detailed Walkthrough of Heavy Rain


During the E3 convention on the show floor, the PlayStation Lifestyle staff sat down with Quantic Dream, developer of Heavy Rain for an interview and a short playthrough of the E3 2009 demo.

The developer reiterates that Heavy Rain is a mature game and deals with extremely mature elements. An interesting piece of information discussed in the interview was the fact that every character in the game, and all their choresponding movements, were motion captured by actual actors. Even the crowd characters were given just as much dedication to detail as the main characters. In other words, no two characters will be alike, regardless of their importance in the game.

Even though a checkpoint system is in place, Quantic Dream urges players to continue through the game to understand the consequences of their actions. Heavy Rain is expected to hit store shelves Q1 2010. Check out the video below, and make sure to enjoy it in HD!