Splatterhouse Skips 2009, Splatters Next Year


The remake of early NES game Splatterhouse has been on a rocky road as of late. Although everything seems to be on track right now, one thing does not, and that’s the release date.

It was noticed at this year’s E3, that Splatterhouse did not make an appearance. Siliconera had Namco Bandai contacted, and it was revealed that Splatterhouse was slated for “early 2010”. So, the game will not be making it this year, though it may give some time for the title to be polished up by Surge (developer of Afro Samurai).

You may remember that the development team at Bottlerocket was fired, then subsequently rehired by [shal]Namco Bandai [/shal] to finish up the game, stirring up lots of controversy. Stay tuned on PlayStation LifeStyle for an official release date for Splatterhouse.