Stream Your Media in Home – Maybe

Yes Please!

Yes Please!

It looks like Sony isn’t content with simply having millions of users signed up to PlayStation Home. A survey has been making its rounds to e-mail accounts across the globe, and the functionality it hints at sounds promising.

As the above screenshot shows, Sony is looking at all kinds of add-ons for Home, ranging from better clubhouses, streaming media of all kinds, and (perhaps mandatory?) game launch support for all games.


But it doesn’t stop there. Themes are mentioned for Home, ranging from Women’s Interest to the always-lovable Vampires. What could a theme mean? A Space that comes bundled with furniture, not unlike the GhostBusters set released not too long ago.


Yet another interesting screen of questions here, obviously geared towards the core gamer. The potential features here range from video interviews with developers to minigames and question-and-answer sessions with or from “PlayStation experts.”

There is plenty of potential here, and it will be interesting to wait and see which of these features go live over the next couple of months.