Battlefield 1943 PS3 Dives into Coral Sea


Earlier this week, Xbox 360 owners unlocked the Coral Sea map. This was the fourth map in the game, and was to be unlocked when the console’s own community had 43 million kills. Now, the PS3 community has unlocked it as well.

Coral Sea is a new map that also includes a new game mode, “Air Superiority”.

Coral Sea is the ultimate online multiplayer dog fighting map ever released! With two aircraft carriers supplying your team with all the F4U and Zero fighters you’ll need as your conquest to control the skies and make your place in history as an Ace Pilot of Battlefield 1943. Use the volcanic island terrain to your advantage and flank your enemies or weave in and out of the low arches to avoid enemy fire. Stay with your wingman, practice the Thach Weave, and soon you’ll dominate the skies of the Pacific!

You can download Battlefield 1943 on the PSN Store now, and make sure to check out our review on the downloadable title here on PSLS.