Fat Princess Trophies Ready to be Eaten


TSA has managed to obtain the trophy list for this week’s huge upcoming PSN title, Fat Princess. According to the leak, there are 21 trophies and all of them are bronze. Based on the trophy titles, it seems the developers of Fat Princess, Titan Studios, have an amazing sense of humor.

Without further ado, here are the trophies:

Oh, It’s On!

Kill 10 enemies with any combination of classes in online games

Got Wood?

Deliver 15 resources of wood or metal to the team’s stockpile in online games

Half the Calories Eat Twice as Much

Feed the Princess 1500 calories of food in a single online game

I need a hammer…

Build 30 Castle upgrades or Siege Weapons in online games

This is Caketown!

Block 100 projectiles with your shield in online games

Shish Kebab

Kill 50 enemies using the Fire Torch upgrade in online games

You’re Not Cooking…

Kill 100 enemies with Fire magic in online games

Father McHealy

Heal teammates for a total of 500 hearts in online games

Don’t Make Me Slap You!

Slap 20 objects out of enemy’s hands in online games

Little Pecker

Kill an enemy as a chicken in an online game

Fed Zeppelin

Rescue the Princess by using the enemy’s Catapult in an online game

Who’s Your Daddy?

Kill 6 enemies within 1 second in an online game

Chubby Chaser

Protect and escort the Princess 20 tims in online games

The Dark Side

Kill 200 enemies by only using Dark Magic in online games

Ring Sting

Heal, Burn, Curse and Freeze 6 characters at the same time in a single online game

Operation Eagledrop

Fly 2000 meters in online games


Kill 88 enemies in a single online game without dying


Kill 2253 players online with at least 50 kills using each class

The cake is not a lie!

Complete The Legend of the Fat Princess

Gluteus Maximus

Defeat all Gladiate arenas

Cake or Death

Win 100 online games

Fat Princess is making its way to the PSN this Thursday. Be sure to check it out.