PS3 Preview – Singularity

August 1, 2009Written by Richard Allen


Raven Software is a respected studio responsible for the Jedi Knight series and more recently Wolverine: Origins. Their latest title, Singularity is poised to take idea of time mechanics to a new level. The events that transpire in the game connect a 1950’s Russian disaster, to the year 2010.

Think of this disaster as comparable to Chernobyl, the backdrop is a new Russian politician has entered the scene and the US is interested in investigating this long hidden mystery.  While FPS‘ featuring time manipulation are nothing new, Singularity takes things in a bit different direction.


This title takes time mechanics in a new direction. Time is controlled via the TMD, Time Manipulation Device. The device can control anything that contains element E99. Which allows you to damage, destroy enemies, reconstruct buildings and control E99 bullets.

The story progresses through several different time events. Echoes are flashbacks and allow you to see events that took place in the 1950s. These help you to piece the story together and unravel the conspiracy. The null zone can change the entire environment by changing it to its 1950s’ form. As the game progresses, null zone items will be available for use in combat and to progress through the game.

Singularity was recently delayed until 2010.