GT PSP/PS3 Connectivity Points to GT5 Holiday Release

August 11, 2009Written by Steven Garcia


While a solid release date for Gran Turismo 5 remains shrouded in mystery, new details surrounding the game’s ability to connect with its PSP brethren suggest the two may have a play date scheduled for this holiday season.

Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo series creator and CEO of Polyphony Digital, recently revealed to French gaming site, JVN, what gamers can expect from the PS3/PSP connectivity inherent to two of this year’s most anticipated titles.

“If [the user] unlocks a car in Gran Turismo PSP, it will also be available in Gran Turismo 5.”

As exciting as this is, it become less so when you consider that GT fans continue to be kept in the dark as to exactly when they will be able to take advantage of these features. Back in June, despite stating that GT5 is ready to go and could be released at “any time“, Yamauchi cited the development team’s persistent polishing of the game and their plans to implement PS3/PSP connectivity features as being responsible for the constant delays. As a result came Yamauchi’s reluctance to commit himself to a firm release date.

But with GT PSP slated to launch October 1st, as well as the notion that the feature’s relevance depends entirely on GT5’s availability, it’s safe to assume that fans of the series can add Gran Turismo 5 to their holiday wish list.