FFXIV Not So Exclusive After All

August 20, 2009Written by Draisey


You may remember Jack Tretton‘s announcement at E3 2009 that PS3 would be the only console we’ll be able to play FFXIV on when it launches in 2010. But it may not be the only console you’ll get to play it on. He chose his words very carefully due to a previously unpublicized situation between Square Enix and Microsoft.

According to producer Hiromichi Tanaka from Square Enix:

“During the press conference, the ‘launch timing’ words were cut out of the comments, so the launch timing is going to be exclusive to PlayStation 3 as a console.

That doesn’t mean that we’re not going to have a 360 [version] in the future, but at the launch timing, yes, it’s going to be Windows and PS3 only.”

Here’s the video of the conference announcement, just to jog your memory.