US PS Store Update: Not Tonight, Better Luck Tomorrow

August 28, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Still waiting for the US PlayStation Store to update tonight? You can stop now…

The US PlayStation Store has been pretty punctual with it’s updates. However, mishaps are inevitable.

According to the official SonyPlayStatation Twitter the update has been delayed:

“We are experiencing a delay w/ the normal PlayStation Store publish. Keep an eye on the PS Blog & Twitter for status on this week’s update.”

Since the update was only said to be delayed, there are plenty of folks over at the official PS forums, and various other forums still waiting for the update to arrive.

Don’t wait around any longer. According to Jeff Rubenstein, SCEA’s Social Media Manager, the update wont arrive until tomorrow. Jeff posted this reply via his personal twitter account (which is protected BTW):

“@ftwrthtx don’t know about the euro store, but US store won’t hit tonight. They’re working on it.”

So there you have it, tomorrow we should have our update along with all the goodies we’ve mentioned in our Weekly Rumored PS Store Content.

Please be patient with the PS Store team, as I am sure they are working extremely hard to provide the PlayStation community with the content they so crave. Remember, things happen.