Hope for WET DLC Gets Washed Away


It’s pretty uncommon in games these days to see little to no DLC, as game developers are privvy on maximizing both profit and playtime for their loyal fanbase. In an upcoming review conducted by GamerLimit, Avi Winkler, Senior Game Designer for Artificial Mind and Movement, talks about his team’s stance on DLC for their upcoming game, WET.

Though only a small sample of what Avi Winkler said was included, his answer was quite clear.

“There’s no DLC planned at this stage, all the content is already in the box. You unlock new play modes by finishing the storyline on any difficulty level.”

Though it’s possible we could see downloadable content in the future for the title, it’s obvious that it’s not on the developer’s checklist just yet. Make sure to stick with PlayStation LifeStyle for all incoming details on WET.