PSP Minis Pint Size Gaming Gets Pint Size Price

September 4, 2009Written by Sebastian Moss


The PlayStation Portable has been going through quite a bit of transformation over the recent months. E3 revealed the long rumored PSP Go and during the GameCom press event Sony made some more announcements regarding the powerful portable platform.

PlayStation Portable will be host to PSP Minis, low budget, low priced games directly downloaded via the PlayStation Store. Each PSP Mini will be less 100 megabytes in size and priced between $1.50 and $2.50. Indian developers GameShastra is at the forefront of PSP Mini development. They have 30 projects in development which are slated to be released between October and January.

The future of the PlayStation store looks to be competing with Appleā€™s successful App Store. At least 15 titles should be available in October with up to 50 available by years end.