PSP2 Might Appear Next Year, Will Be A Graphics Beast

Please just have a second analog stick!
Please just have a second analog stick!

The PlayStation Portable platform has been around since 2005. That is a long time when it comes to technology. According to a “protected source” speaking with, the second coming of the PSP platform is due within the next year, and will have astounding graphical prowess.

The current crop of PlayStation Portables uses a custom graphics chip, and it can push graphics that look better than the original PlayStation and comparable to the PlayStation 2 in some cases. The PlayStation Portable 2 is rumored to be using a PowerVR chip, most likely a quad-core version known as the SGX543MP4. Clocked at a mere 200 MHz this baby can pump out 133 million polygons and can fill four billion pixels in a single second, as opposed to the current PlayStation Portable which does 33 million polygons and around 660 million pixels per second. What does that mean? Well, the more polygons a screen is composed of, the better the graphics generally look. At those levels, the PlayStation Portable 2 would be at around the same graphics level as an Nvidia GeForce 8600, a desktop graphics card.

Nobody but Sony and its graphics partner(s) know for sure what the PlayStation Portable 2 will be able to do, but if the recent advances in mobile technology are any indication, the next generation of mobile consoles will feature slick graphics that would even look nice on a large television screen.