Sony: New PS3 Games Coming from Japan in 2010


With the majority of Sony’s first-party PS3 line-up coming from Eastern developers from both North America and Europe, many have wondered where are all of the PS3 games coming from Sony Japan. Aside from Gran Turismo and the Last Guardian, the land of the rising sun has been rather quiet when it comes to the PS3…

According to Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony World Wide Studios, we’ll see some new ideas coming out of Sony Japan in 2010. In a recent interview with Gamasutra Yoshida had this to say:

“I’ve been working on this with management of Japan studios since last year. When I came back to Japan, their focus was shifted onto the PSP, which reflects the success of the PSP as a platform in Japan. So that’s great from from a business sense, but as a first party we need to provide games that expand the market for the platform.

The PS3 installed base hasn’t been as good as in Europe or the States. So we are strategizing how to bring in more resources. It’s completely opposite of the way how US and European teams moved onto working on the PS3 and we see the fruits of those efforts, while Japan studios shifted their focus onto the PSP.

So they’ve constantly released interesting PSP games, but the PS3 output has declined. So we are now re-energizing teams and coming up with new ideas for PS3 development, outside The Last Guardian and Gran Turismo, from Japan studios.

We’ll be able to show fruits of this work sometime next year.”

No word clues have been given as to what we will see come next year, but we are hoping for some RPGs and hope to see some Motion Controller support.