PlayStation 3 Netflix Sees Warm Reception


When Netflix was originally announced for the PlayStation 3 only weeks ago, thousands of consumers in the US showed an interest in utilizing the new format.  While the use of a special Netflix disc is required for the PlayStation 3 version, many still prefer the to use the PlayStation to view.  Now that the official release has come to pass, many are wondering just how successful the new Netflix platform has been.

Netflix has announced on their official blog that the PlayStation 3 Netflix platform already has upwards of 100,000 subscribers. Jessie from Netflix stated the following:

Today we shipped instant streaming discs for PS3 to about 100,000 Netflix members who requested them. After we tune a few more details, we expect to ship to everyone else within a couple of weeks.

So far, the PlayStation 3 platform for Netflix has been a great success.  The PlayStation 3 has gained a growing popularity for all things entertainment due to its wide range of multimedia capabilities.  The use of a disc will only be required until Late 2010 due to a contractual obligation. Check out our how-to guide to see how the new Netflix on PlayStation 3 works.