Pick Playboy’s Sexiest Bayonetta

Most of us are familiar with popular men’s lifestyle magazine, Playboy. Following the magazine’s growing interest in video game affairs (heck, they even have their own video game awards with such prestigious nominations as best jiggle-factor), the editors have introduced a contest that is guaranteed to be a news highlight for the week. Read on to find out what it is!

That’s right: in honor of the release of Bayonetta, Playboy publications is hosting a content which commands you, the reader, to choose the best real-life Bayonetta. Just remember that this is Playboy we’re talking about, so while there is no outright nudity, the official voting site for the contest does feature some scantily-clad ladies in skintight leather and therefore may not be completely safe for work or home.

Who did you vote for? Post in the comments below.